Just for Fun: Signs Around Town

Signs . . . they’re everywhere . . . billboards in the city, stickers on cars, comments on Facebook. I found some wise ones in a novelty shop, on a car, on a piece of paper, on a writer’s sweat shirt. Some you’ve seen before. Others, I hope, are new. Silly video at the end!

SignHappy Childhood

Quotation now thoroughly engrained in pop culture from the Tom Robbins’ novel Still Life with Woodpecker, an un-fairy tale with princess Leigh-Cheri and outlaw Bernard.

WAIT_Do Not Throw Away_sign_5x3_150

“Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me,” a popular NPR broadcast on Saturday mornings . . . what we do at traffic signals, the post office, a doctor’s office. . . counsel from the Lord we resist hearing:

Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.

Psalm 27:14


“I won’t fix my car until YOU learn your lesson,” this driver insists.


Easy to say — until it actually happens to you!


Favorite come-back of my colleague, Dr. Laura, when students plead for a better grade.

Yes, pigs actually DO fly at the Ole Country Buffet in Valdosta, Georgia (Cliff on the road)


Her sweat shirt warning vengeance, I watch my step around Jennifer, a writer friend.



Question Mark w border1_1x1_300

What quotes on plaques or signage have you seen around your town? Somewhere else?

Inquiring minds have to know!





18 thoughts on “Just for Fun: Signs Around Town

  1. I haven’t seen this one, but I should write it up: “I write memoir and I’m telling what happened.” I have to assure people in bereavement groups or in my mythology class that I won’t write about them without their permission. Great signs, and I took off on “Careful or you’ll end up in my novel.”


    1. Glad you related to this, Elaine! As you known, we writers are always looking for grist for the writing mill. Yes, I think there would be a certain degree of confidentiality in sharing stories of bereavement–mythology class, well, maybe not so much!


    1. I just read the story of your favorite sign on the link you sent me. Yes, I’d say that’s pretty darn personal. Thanks!

      FYI, I think the slogan on your website would work well as a sign too: “Whatever you are not changing you are choosing.” So true, and so life-changing if applied.


  2. After reading your BLOG yesterday morning, and commenting, I read my daily devotional. Wouldn’t you know it, the Scripture made reference to a sign. The Pharisees ask Jesus for a “SIGN.” He refused of course because they asked for the wrong reason. God did grant Gideon his request for a “sign” via a wool fleece in the Old Testament. It must be about the motivation of our hearts? The ‘sign’ in sky today looks like rain. Your BLOG is always thought provoking. Thank you


    1. You got it! Heart motivation affects how we view God’s signs in our lives. I’ve written this question somewhere as a self-check: “What does my heart look like to God? I hope it’s full of grace but often falls short. Your comments are always thought provoking too. Thanks!


    1. From what I know of Sweden and Great Britain, signs are not as intrusive as here in America. I can’t imagine a garish billboard next to a charming thatched roof. Thanks for reading and commenting, Lady Fi.


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