November 11: A Tribute in Chalk

New Multi-Media Show on 4' x 7' Easel     Artist Cliff Beaman
New Multi-Media Show on 4′ x 7′ Easel             Artist Cliff Beaman

Pause and reflect on the freedoms we enjoy!

Veteran’s Day – 2013

Winner of “Thrill of the Chaste” book giveaway contest to be announced Wednesday, Nov. 13!


4 thoughts on “November 11: A Tribute in Chalk

  1. BRAVO. Thanks for sharing your God given talents and abilities in art and music with such flair and beauty. Love your new program.


  2. Great show! It is fascinating to see how art forms have evolved with the help of technology rather than disappearing altogether. I am reminded of the often bemoaned destructive graffiti in our city of Philadelphia which has inspired colorful murals on walls across the city. The vivid colors and bold designs attract the attention of not only daily traffic but also the tourists who book special tours to view the best of them.


    1. I appreciate how you make a connection between Cliff’s chalk art and murals on walls (aka graffiti) In Philly. It’s been a long, long, time that I visited this city, except for the airport. I always like to learn something new from those like you who reply.

      Hmm, special tours to view great graffiti, what a concept!


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