Moments of Extreme Emotion: 100th Post Mark

Today I have reached a milestone, 100 blog posts and counting. Thank you, thank you for all your clicks, views, and commentary so far. I am commemorating this event in pictures.

Sunshine and Rain by Ian Christopher Beaman
“Sunshine and Rain” by Ian Christopher Beaman

Blogging is like life, up and down, sad and happy, rain and shine, day in and day out. Here is how Ian sees his Grandma/NaNa, picturing me with a split image, one eye blue, the other rosy pink. Does he see me as both a realist and an optimist? I can only surmise because I don’t know what is going on in his six-year-old mind. The bluest eye sees cold, hard facts; the other eye views life with rose-tinted glasses. A balanced view, if you ask me! Also, if you notice, he pictures me as being fruitful too: bushels of apples in the tree.

Did I say blogging is like life? Here’s the inside scoop on what writing blog posts is really like:

Blog_Extreme Emotions_Cry_7x5_300

But I love every minute. Really, I do!

RevBlog_Extreme_100 Posts_5x5_150

Most importantly, I get to send stories out into the ether and then “talk” to you after the writing is posted. We make a connection.

Only connect the prose and the passion, and both will be exalted, and then love will be seen at its height.

E. M. Forster  Howard’s End

My heart leaps up when you join the conversation.

Now it’s your turn:

What blog post is most memorable to you?  What would like to see more of?  Less of?

Voting is still open for My Gutsy Story.

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21 thoughts on “Moments of Extreme Emotion: 100th Post Mark

  1. I’m so happy to know that you agonize too. That’s what I want to hear more about–your writing life. Your teaching memories, too. I remember a really good post about your heart-skipping fear when you got into trouble for–but I don’t remember what. That part eludes me. (Help!)


  2. Your not so plain past is really colorful to me. I have fallen in love with Granny Longnecker. I am certain you achieved awesome cook status. All of the nostalgic posts REALLY amaze me and that you have been able to keep so much of it intact after so many years.


  3. I’m adding my congratulations to reaching this milestone and thanks for all the heartfelt, illustrated and balanced blogging. I love your humor. I was especially happy to read about the Metzler reunion since Metzlers are on my family tree.


    1. Dolores, Thank you! I had no idea Metzlers are on your family tree.

      Your comments always encourage me. Through blogs and Facebook we have gotten to know a lot about each other. Maybe someday we will have a face-to-face encounter. Interesting to speculate!


  4. My cook status is not up to Granny Longenecker standards, but I’m moving in that direction, I like to think.

    I’ve read lately that our childhood memories are more vivid than more recent ones, maybe because we gather “mind clutter” as we go along. Also, I do discuss some of the stories, Grandpa Sam a Hoot and a Holler, for example, with my sisters. They help fill in the gaps.

    Thanks for being a long-time follower, someone whose goals I can aspire to.


  5. First and foremost — CONGRATULATIONS!

    I love the way you interpreted your grandson’s artwork: “The bluest eye sees cold, hard facts; the other eye views life with rose-tinted glasses. A balanced view, if you ask me!”

    Let’s see now, favorite post…Well, there was tons of ACTION when the glass in the china cabinet shattered to smithereens from a candle flame. Then there was the FOOD post that had me salivating from the thought of sauerkraut.

    Truth be told — I enjoy them ALL 🙂


  6. Oh Marian, you have captured the essence of the blogging life, perfectly. “Some days are diamonds, somedays are coal.” But overall, it is an exhilarating ride to pour out your words and connect with so many others. Congratulations on this wonderful achievement. I wish you many more exciting years of blogging and connecting. I’m so thrilled we found each other. 🙂


  7. Congratulations, Marian. Many, many blogs. I must be getting close to 100 myself–one a week since May 2012. I haven’t counted. I love your blogs about your Grandparents–including the photos, but it’s also wonderful to see your grandson’s view of you and read your interpretation. Wonderful drawings and photos throughout. Always interesting and fresh.


  8. Congratulations, Marian! I don’t know that I even took notice of the 100-post mark on my blog. 😦 Anyway, thanks for sharing the reality of blogging in such clever ways. I especially like the references to diamonds and coal. So true! Keep up the good work, keep writing, and keep sharing your stories from your Mennonite background.


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