Moments of Extreme Emotion: A Broken Leg & Ecstasy Expressed

Moment of Exasperation

One of the mysteries of life is how things happen at our house. Specifically, how did the leg on this piano bench break? We still haven’t figured out the answer for sure though we have speculated on some possible explanations.


How did this happen? Vote in this short quiz:

a. Piano bench overloaded with music books

b. Over-weight pianist

c. Kids had wild party while parents were gone

d. All of the above

e. None of the above

(Answer on next blog post.)

Mystery Moment


Completely befuddled, Patrick and Curtis react to the Mystery Trip announcement sponsored by Grandpa and NaNa:

Patrick: What’s a mystery trip?

Curtis: Is it safe to drive with Grandpa?

Moment of Extreme Ecstasy

Patrick and Curtis about 6 years ago at O'Charley's Restaurant
Patrick and Curtis about 6 years ago at O’Charley’s

Grandpa’s paying!

Have you had a moment or two of extreme emotion lately? Or long ago?

Thank you for adding your story to mine!


24 thoughts on “Moments of Extreme Emotion: A Broken Leg & Ecstasy Expressed

  1. I love the photos of the two boys–such exuberance! Your piano leg mystery reminds me of a story. After my in-laws moved several years ago, my father-in-law discovered that one of the legs of their dining room table had been broken and repaired. My husband confessed that many, many years before (30 years?), he and his brother were playing and broke the table. They quickly repaired it with epoxy and the Hot Wheels clamp. My father-in-law was rather stern, and they were too afraid to tell him. But their repair lasted!


    1. Stories, stories–there are always stories, and yours is a good one. I can picture the two boys heads bowed over the epoxy and Hot Wheels clamp. Now I wonder how many other homes have secret repairs that will come to light years later.

      Anyway, there is no story to tell about all the chair and table legs that haven’t been broken, is there? Have a great weekend, Merril.


  2. I had a poor fellow who carried a little excess weight crash a dining room table chair at my house.I’m going with none of the above, only because I think you’ll surprise us.


  3. Marian – Oh how fun! My vote is for “E” – none of the above. However, I think that kids may well have been involved (minus the wild party).

    Patrick and Curtis are beyond adorable!

    You asked, “Have you had a moment or two of extreme emotion lately?”

    Shortly after relocating to Boise, Idaho we were adopted by a cat who we’ve name “Finnegan.” I feed her on the front porch morning, noon, and night. Recently, her food didn’t disappear for 36 hours and I thought for sure that something had happened to her. This morning I was sitting on the front steps watching the sun come up and lo and behold — Finnegan! I burst into happy tears.


    1. How wonderful to have an Irish cat to tend! I think you have a friend for life, Finnegan’s life that is. He certainly came to the right house. 🙂

      The E’s seem to be winning so far. Check back Wednesday, and you’ll see about the quiz. Thanks again for the sweet tweet, Laurie!


  4. Marian, I’ve been having some really strong memories of my year 1994-95 on the Valparaiso University campus when I was Senior Fellow and got to have deep conversations and long walks and daily coffee with young PhDs. I’m trying to write about those feelings in my own next blog post. Such blessedness. Touched my very heart’s core.

    As for your multiple choice. I too go with E!


    1. The E choice may be right, but you’ll have to wait until Wednesday.

      I love forward to your fond reminiscences of your days at Valparaiso University. (The first part of Psalm 42:7 just now popped into my mind: “Deep calleth unto deep at the noise of thy waterspouts . . . .” where we engage our deepest feelings with the Creator God.)

      Precious memories – how they linger! Thanks, Shirley.


  5. Sorry for a late response. Today was a busy day: granddaughter turned 14 Tuesday so we celebrated today. Wow how much energy it takes to put it together. Maybe age, nevertheless I survived. Child happy, guests all happy, hostess exhausted yet happy too.

    Now to the story of a broken thing. Many years ago my siblings and I enjoyed a game of tug in our house and we broke a lamp. It was an ugly one at that yet my mother loved because a special friend gave it to her. We scurried to fix this lamp. I always and still do love a jigsaw puzzle, so I glued it back together again. I thought I did a great job and thought mom wouldn’t notice. Well, weeks later she noticed. When she went to turn it on, it broke again. I thought oh great she’ll think she did it. At the time, I didn’t say a word or even apologize for it. In conversation with my brother she mentioned how odd it was that the lamp broke when she went to use it. He laughed and said to me: Guess your plan didn’t work. I was shocked at his comment and scared to face my mom because I should have said something to her immediately and I didn’t. She was so upset at me, and I got into worse trouble. Never forgot it. Through it all, I learned my lesson to tell the truth right away for a better outcome. Gloria


  6. Marian, hum…well, I know how the piano bench in my home would’ve been broke. My two exuberant, creative sons would’ve used it as a missile launcher, or as a fort to keep out wild beasts, or for some other boyish-exploit. There’s a bunch of us who will just have to wait until next week to discover how the leg of your piano bench broke.


    1. Imagine all the stories to be told in a collection with the title: Tales of the Broken Leg; Bad Break; ____________!

      Welcome to the conversation and to my blog, Pamela.


  7. I’m voting for none of the above, and my most recent moment of great emotion occurred when our salutatorian dedicated a portion of her graduation speech to me. I had to blink hard several times to rein in the emotion.


  8. Beautiful kids. Such joy.
    I get the mystery and the excitement. I was recently chosen to give a talk without notes to 200 people. I feel confusion and dread mixed with thrilling gratitude. Ecstasy? Maybe at the end of the talk.


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