Accepting the Red Heart: One Lovely Blog Award

Remember getting a gold or silver star on your homework papers in grade school? Well, writers who read each other’s blog posts do something similar – they nominate those they admire for the One Lovely Blog Award. It’s not a gold star. It’s a red heart and looks like this:

OneLovelyBlog Award

In October, two admirable authors nominated me. Thank you to authors Kathy Pooler and Mary Gottschalk. In November, notable writer Joan Rough nominated me, so it is high time to acknowledge this honor and pass on the baton. I consider all three of these writers my mentor/encouragers.

The Rules:

Name and thank those who nominated you.

Share 7 things about yourself that others may not know.

Nominate 15 bloggers (or as many as you like) to whom you would like to pass on the nomination.

7 Little-Known Facts about Me:

  1. I don’t wear false teeth.
  2. My hair was not cut until I was 26 years old.
  3. I’m still married to my first blind date.
  4. My first engagement ring was flushed down the commode by our 3-year-old daughter. She doesn’t remember. I forgave. She was only three.
  5. One summer after college I traveled to 47 states with a friend from college. I had no idea then that my husband-to-be was living in the Pacific Northwest.
  6. One winter a snowboarder hit me while skiing. I became a pretzel, untwisted myself, and stood up again, wobbly but unharmed. I thank God and Mr. Pilates.
  7. First time in over 30 years I haven’t washed the windows in my house. (They didn’t crack or hit me with blinding light.)

My nominees come from South Africa, Australia, and all over the United States. Two are men, who I hope are not too shy to accept an award with a red heart in it. Note: I did not nominate those whom others have named.

These nominees may choose to participate or not. Also, there is no pressure to respond immediately. Remember, it’s taken me more than a month! Just know that I admire your writing and want to honor you in this way:

My Nominations (in random order):

Gwendolyn Plano

Susan Scott 


Diane Reed

Judy Berman

Steve Piscitelli

Debby Gies

Jennifer Simpson

J. T. Weaver


What blogger not on the list would you like to recognize? Tell us please.

Coming next: The 200th Post Mark with Julie and Julia


26 thoughts on “Accepting the Red Heart: One Lovely Blog Award

    1. You have received a dozen or more awards for your outstanding blog, including the One Lovely Blog Award. I’m happy to join the company of other writers like you, Georgette. These nominees are not only versatile but varied. Thanks for being our first responder today.


  1. I am so enjoying this blogging thing . I really look forward to the posts so thank you Marian for introducing me to more .
    My list has to be Laurie Buchanan ‘ Tuesdays with Laurie ‘ she introduced me to you .
    Nicole Cody ‘Cauldrons and Cupcakes ‘ was my first and she’s a delight .
    Jeff Stroud ‘ The Reluctant Blogger’ and he is… but when he posts his photos are amazing .
    Good luck with this award or any award . I shall now plow through the list of bloggers whilst watching the winter sunshine from my window …cold today but lovely .


  2. Marion, I’m happy to be called one of your encouragers. Thank you. You have a wonderful blog here. There is always something here that makes my day a very positive one. My favorite fact about you is #4. It’s serious topped off with humor. I’m looking forward to checking out the bloggers you have chosen. I hope your holidays will be blessed and filled with peace.


    1. Joan, thank you for following me through thick and thin, serious and humorous. As I recall, your own website introduces you with the words “Laughing and smiling all the way.” Blessings back to you.


  3. Marian — Oh how fun reading the seven unknown facts about you! I can hardly wait to follow the links to the bloggers you’ve nominated because your recommendations have a SPOT ON track record!


    1. The nominees are very diverse, and as diversity is a value you embrace, I know you will enjoy the different flavors: viewpoints and writing styles. Thanks for having such a strong voice in my cheering section, Laurie.


  4. Marian, you’ve lived a wonderful, rich, life, and the readers who are flocking to you feel your wisdom, humor, and compassion. You’ve had a gold star in my book for a long time!


  5. Marian … I normally avoid “chain letters” like the plague, but this one has had such wonderful benefits — the discovery of other thoughtful and evocative writers of whom I was simply not aware. Thank you for introducing me to some lovely sources of insight.


  6. And now I give you a gold star for your sharing. 🙂 Thank you so much Marian for including me in your nomination list. I have been nominated a few times by others and each time it is a new rewarding feeling to know that my writing is enjoyed by someone else. I will be mentioning it on my next blog and linking back to your blog but please know that I may not be able to find the time currently in my chaotic life to fulfill the complete duties. ❤


  7. Thank you so much Marian for the nomination! Such an honour from you to me. It’s been such a pleasure receiving your posts, and I will check out the others nominated. I would have responded sooner but here in sunny South Africa we are having load shedding daily for several hours which means there are power cuts which means computer does not work ..

    I also loved hearing some unusual info about you! Am smiling from ear to ear and no doubt will continue to so from year to year upon receiving your lovely posts!


    1. I understand computer access is not always possible. In Kiev, Ukraine several years ago, the hot water was cut off for days. Thank you for this response today. You deserve the nomination, Susan. I find your posts instructive and entertaining. And you mingle all of this with sharing your emotions too.

      Yes, I too look forward to many years of sharing our culture, our thoughts as we develop our writing skills.


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