Carole Parkes and the Written Acts of Kindness Award

Thank you notes are usually written privately, but this one is a public thank you to Carole Parkes, a writer friend who just recently nominated me for the Written Acts of Kindness Award, an award given from one blogger to another to let them know their words bring inspiration.

WrittenActsofKindness Award

I take this as an opportunity to showcase Carole’s own accomplishments. Her work as a painter and photographer first caught my eye nearly a year ago, but I quickly noticed that she is a 21st century Renaissance Woman:

  • Author of a psychological thriller, Tissue of Lies
  • Short story writer
  • Painter in oils
  • Seamstress, who crafts men’s suits and ladies’ fashion jeans for Marks & Spencer
  • Photographer
  • “Occasional” poet, she says

Her husband calls her butterfly because she flits from one hobby to another. I don’t see that she has ever changed the oil on an 18-wheeler, but even that wouldn’t surprise me!


Here is a blurb from her “About” page

I was born in Liverpool, (England) in 1945, and have lived in my current house near Ormskirk, Lancashire for the past 39 years. I’ve been married for 49 years and have three sons, all now married with their own families.

I started writing in 1985 when I produced several short stories, a series of children’s books and my newly published book on Kindle “Tissue of Lies.” Between 1985 and 1989 I also encouraged my elderly mother to write her life story, whilst I started on my biography. Owing to my commitment to my elderly parents, I didn’t take my writing too seriously until after my parents aged 97 and 94, both passed away in 2012.

You are such an inspiration, Carole. Your words echo across the pond. Again, THANK YOU!


24 thoughts on “Carole Parkes and the Written Acts of Kindness Award

      1. Most of our readers don’t realize the native English-speaking followers/writers we have in Canada, the British Isles and even in New Zealand. Here was my chance to showcase Carole. Thanks, both of you, for your many acts of kindness in showing up here regularly.

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    1. I have to share a quote by Simone Weil I saw this morning on another website: “Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.” Thanks for paying attention, Joan. So happy our paths crossed in February and, online, months earlier. I would be lost without mentors.


  1. Marian, I will echo everyone else’s sentiments. In shedding your light on Carole and her accomplishments, your own kindness and talents are illuminated. Thank you for being a light for all of us and thank you for introducing us to Carole!


    1. You’re welcome, Kathy. My pleasure. As far as I’m concerned, you shared three ways today: your “Have Memoir, Will Travel” post (people flocked to it Monday!), Ethan on your FB page, and the newsletter with Max. I subscribe to Dan Blank’s newsletter too and enjoy his tidbits at the end: meal of the week, and “Owen” of the week.

      I’m in good company, for sure!


  2. Marian — Right as rain, I wholeheartedly agree with Shirley’s keen observation! I’m going to click on the links you provided and learn more. Thank you for the lovely introduction to Carole.


    1. What else you might discover: Carole is co-authoring a book about blogging with a writer from Nebraska. They began in February and have a first draft of 70,000 words written already. Like you, she lets no grass grow under her feet.

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  3. This is lovely Marian, thank you. Carole was right to nominate you and I am quite unsurprised that you turned the attention back on her. Thank you for sharing this about her and somehow we gain a little more insight into your acts of kindness.


    1. I love how good vibes circle the globe from England –> South Africa –> United States with this post. The world is heavy with sorrow and in desperate need of acts of kindness. This is but a small token. Thanks for visiting today, Susan.

      By the way, I like your choice for the letter X in your dream sequence. I can’t guess Y yet, but I wonder if Z will be zero. We’ll find out soon!


  4. Marian, you turned the light on Carol. I enjoy knowing a little about Carol and seeing the sweet regard between you.


  5. As I’ve gotten to know you, through blogging, I have to say this sounds just like you! I’ve been the recipient of a few compliments from you, so I’m not surprised that you have shared, with us, what a wonderful, talented friend she’s become to you! By the way, I’m going to look for some of Carol’s writings!


    1. You would understand the phrase “Cast your bread upon waters . . . ” Although I have met few online friends face to face, I feel these friendships are as valid as face to face ones because we connect on so many levels, including stage of life and often values too. I’m thankful you and I can connect on each other’s blogs every week.


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