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I will bet no one else has picked this guide word for 2016. Read about Marylin Warner’s fantastic choice here.

Things I Want To Tell My Mother

It's no longer a war theme, but a challenge to choose a single word. It’s no longer a war theme, but a challenge to choose a single word.

Winter can be hard on us all. What can we choose to get us going...and stay focused? Winter can be cold, barren. What word will get us going…and keep us focused?  (picture by Marylin Warner)

Television talk shows have been giving attention to the topic of how single word themes are replacing lists of New Year’s Resolutions. Motivational specialists seemed to agree this is a wise move, selecting a single word to give your thoughts and actions focus throughout the year.

One program asked viewers to Tweet their single word themes. By the end of the segment, these were some of the words scrolling across the bottom of the screen: unafraid, release, balance, achieve, persevere, observe, win, play, simplify, learn. The word that came to my mind was very different.

For several years, I volunteered at the local Women’s Thrift House on the third Saturday of each month. I was often amazed—and…

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22 thoughts on “Donated Inspiration

  1. Good morning surprise to see you here on a Saturday of which I missed you. My one word is determined. I need to remind myself to be determined to finish what I start especially when things don’t turn out how I thought it would or in the time frame I projected, which makes it easy to give up. I don’t and I’m fascinated that at the end it all worked out. Just yesterday when my daughter Gloria called crying that her boss was ripping her off in pay, I told her when one gets lemons make lemon ade and she makes the best of it. Work as if it’s for God, learn everything about the business and I will finance you to open your own office. Nothing in life is a negative. It all works out. She was relieved. That’s where we have to be determined to make good changes instead of fighting or arguing.


      1. Very true financially and a great relationship with my daughter. Of whom we had such a broken relationship. So nice to see them serving God every Sunday and sharing Sunday dinner with them and my grandkids.


        1. As a counselor you probably know the statistics on shared family meals and how they serve as brick and mortar in home building. You are doing such a great job in carrying on the tradition and making memories along the way.


  2. I kinda liked the “yagottawanna” from back at the intro. Handy in inspirational messages, like “yagottawannawin!”


    1. You express thankfulness everywhere I “know” you – Facebook, your website, in your classroom, with your family. The crazier the world becomes the more persistent we must be broadcasting the good. With you, I salute gratitude in 2016!

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  3. Yup. It goes with my favorite lessons from the I Ching: “Perseverance furthers,” although “yagottawanna” has a lighter and happier feel. I’ll just say perseverance. I put a poster of Rosie the Riveter over my mom’s bed when she was incapacitated by Meniere’s Disease for about 10 years. It helped me persevere. And now my mother-in-law is my teacher and I’m tired, Marian. But I will persevere and try to take care of her needs as well as my own. Is there a choice?


    1. You have had back-to-back care-taking duties with some overlap too with your mother, husband, mother-in-law. Apparently, we are called to help the weak and infirm. Starting back in 2009, my aunt’s memory loss was becoming more pronounced so we needed to take care of everything from finances to physical needs until she went into nursing care. Then Mother needed more care until her death. The last few years my sister and I have had to assist another family member with help from attorneys of every stripe, emphasis on e-v-e-r-y. Today we tried to complete setting up a trust fund for him after 18 months of persevering. Alas, we lacked a copy of one document, so back to the drawing board we went again. It sounds like you are the only family member that is willing or able to help to help your mother-in-law. God give you strength, dear Elaine the Endurer.

      It doesn’t look like we can meet in Chincoteague this year. 😦 Now I’m letting my mind drift to another appealing place, Tangier Island in the Chesapeake Bay. Wouldn’t that be a fun place to retreat!


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